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Why is Liberty the "World's Greatest Home-Based Business?"
The right company, at the right time, for the right people!


Network Marketing's Greatest Concept - FREE auto-ship

Our concept of “Buy 1, Sell 3, Get Yours Free!” is unique to this industry.  Just place your monthly auto-ship order for the products/services of your choice, and when you have 3 “personally sponsored” independent reps on your team that have the same products/services you have on their monthly auto-ship order, then yours will be absolutely FREE!  Plus!  You will also get paid commission points on something you didn’t pay for!


Network Marketing's Greatest Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan, the Liberty “Octonary” is a unique 21st century compensation plan that has been proved to have paid more people more money in the shortest period of time in the history of the network marketing industry.


Network Marketing's Greatest Company

Liberty Freedom Network is a company that has it all.  A true “Virtual” company that takes full advantage of 21st century technology.   With leadership that has the experience, commitment, integrity and 21st century thinking to build a GIANT in our industry.

With a philosophy of creating a company that keeps score by the number of its independent reps who have incredible success, Liberty is a company built for the “regular” person to achieve their DREAMS!  Liberty’s products and services are the best quality and are designed to be innovative and life-changing!

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