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The world has changed and Liberty is at the forefront of it all.   Our philosophy as a company is to make our independent representative's DREAMS come true, so they can have the FREEDOM and the TIME to do what they really want to do.  By working hard and building a successful Liberty business, our independent representatives can literally have an incredible residual income that comes in no matter where they are or what they are doing.  It's all about FREEDOM and doing the important things in life.

Our philosophy with our support staff is somewhat similar.  We provide our team with the best and latest equipment that allows them to connect to our operations and communications systems in Texas, from anywhere in the world.  This allows them to work in a relaxed environment, often from their homes or other places that they love.  This lets them "live their dreams" while at the same time helping our independent reps to live theirs.  It also keeps our staff happy and loyal as they know they are a part of something very special - a "People helping people" business that has one purpose:  MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE!

The Liberty system and servers are housed at The Planet in Dallas, TX. The Planet maintains one of the largest and most secure carrier-neural data centers in the industry.  With a total network capacity exceeding 250 Gbps into a fully meshed and redundant network datacenter, The Planet is able to provide the security and technical support for us to build the GREATEST NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

Liberty has many life enhancing products and services that truly make a difference in people's lives.  When you place an order, it is instantly (in "real-time") processed on the Internet and our system automatically routes the items to the correct shipping warehouse for immediate shipping.  Most products are shipped "same day" if ordered before shipping deadlines.  Of course, our "e" products are available instantly from inside your Business Suite once the order is placed.

Liberty is excited to be part of your journey in making your dreams come true!

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